Let’s start with the worst

When reminiscing about past dates it’s best to start at the worst right? Haha well ……. let’s go with that logic. The guy seemed good on paper; an old fashioned jewish boy newly moved back from Tel-Aviv with a nice job at a very well known multinational mass media organization…… what could go wrong right? Que the foreboding music please.

After about a half an hour of waiting at a bar filled with finance frat boys I got a text from my date. He was lost and needed help finding his way to the bar that he chose. How does a grown man get lost in today’s world of Google maps and GPS you ask? Because he’s out of his mind stoned – and yes I know it’s sad that I stayed after finding that out. Did I say I made fantastic choices? haha

I remember the date as a best hits of What Not To Do On A Date 101

  • Talk about how women are more beautiful in Israel. CHECK
  • Make a comment about me not being a virgin “Hymen that’s and interesting last name.” ” Don’t worry you haven’t had one in a while.” CHECK
  • Turn a first date into an impromptu double date with another couple. CHECK
  • Leave me alone on our double date for over 30 mins to drunkenly converse with an older couple. CHECK
  • Challenge me to a push-up competition in the street and then proceed to cheat when he starts to lose. CHECK
  • And to top it all off try to swoop in for a kiss while I’m trying to slip away with the shred of dignity I still have left. CHECK

Needless to say there was never a second date and luckily enough for me there were more messages in my match.com inbox to take my mind off what is still the worse date I’ve ever been on.

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